Research and Architecture


The Research and Architecture team is responsible for providing support and maintenance on several systems in use in the local government sector, including the Register of Electors, Check the Register, LGReturns, Low Value Purchase Cards, and travel & subsistence.  


There are two primary applications used by the franchise function in local authorities, namely the Register of Electors and Check the Register.

Register of Electors enables the back-office maintenance of the Electoral Register in each of the registration authorities as well as the generation and publication of the draft and live registers. Check the Register is an online application that enables the public to check their own registration.


LGReturns was developed in partnership between the DHPLG and LGMA to support local authorities in the entry and processing of national data returns.

LGReturns provides for data validation and exchange between government sectors, local authorities and government agencies. It is used for a range of departmental returns including performance management and housing statistics.

This system provide for better configuration, more efficient data capture and stronger data governance and supports more effective data analysis. The website underpins the data gathering project of the CCMA, DHPLG and LGMA.


The Low Value Purchase Cards system provides a means for processing low value transactions electronically from Import right through to Export. It reduces the administrative overhead associated with low value purchases. It provides an approvals process that can easily be tailored to requirements, for approval/rejection of transactions.


The Travel & Subsistence system is in use in most local authorities and enables staff to submit their travel & subsistence claims for approval. It allows for timely processing and export to financial system ensuring compliance with Department circulars. Reporting and a facility to allow for councillors’ expenses are included.

The team also provide support to local authorities on national initiatives for example Eircodes, CRM, Licencing, Microsoft Office365.