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Interested in tendering for public sector minor works contracts?

Interested in tendering for public sector minor works projects?

A new multi-party framework has been launched for minor building work contracts for public sector commercial buildings. This represents a major business opportunity for contractors.

The framework is being managed by the Local Government Operation Procurement Centre, which is based in Kerry County Council.

A multi-party framework is a two-stage procurement mechanism.

The first stage is the establishment of the framework by the Local Government Operation Procurement Centre. for certain works or services. Contractors apply to be included on the framework.

Once included on the Framework, contractors can then respond when public service bodies run supplementary requests for tenders for specific contracts in their region.

How do I apply?

Service providers interested in competing for minor building works contracts who meet the minimum competencies can apply online through www.etenders.gov.ie. The eTenders ID for the competition is 156424.

Supplementary Requests for Tender competition will be run through www.supplygov.ie.

Read this information note for full details.