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Local Government People Strategy

In collaboration with the local government sector, the LGMA has developed a strategy for the management of human resources within the sector.

The Local Government People Strategy is a roadmap to support local authorities in achieving their business goals and ensuring a motivated, committed and equipped workforce.

The People Strategy promotes consistency and collaboration across the sector, but each local authority is implementing strategy based on their individual needs and priorities.

Project aims

Effective leadership and people management is crucial to the delivery of local authority services.

The Local Authority People Strategy was developed to identify areas for strategic focus and attention, including the integration of workforce planning with business needs; skills and capabilities development for new services and ways of working; and responding to recruitment challenges.

The strategy aims to support local authorities to:

  • Plan for future workforce requirements
  • Attract, recruit and retain the people they need
  • Build capacity and competence to effectively deliver on current and future services
  • Continue to foster a culture of dignity, respect and fairness
  • Enable and empower a motivated and committed workforce to provide quality services to citizens
  • Promote a safe, supportive and healthy working environment

Project update

With the strategy now in place, the LGMA is supporting local authorities to implement it within their organisations, based on their individual work plans.

The LGMA is also taking the lead on a number of areas within the strategy where it has been identified that a sectoral approach would be of benefit, including support in the marketing of employment opportunities within the sector, the development of a new local government jobs website, data analytics and supporting a healthy working environment in relation to the challenges posed by COVID-19

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