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Programme management and innovation

We manage projects and drive innovation across the local government sector.

Our Programme Management and Innovation Pillar supports the delivery of innovation and continuous improvement across the local government sector and within the Agency.

We also develop policy and actions to support public sector reform, including in relation to the Our Public Service 2020 Framework.

The Pillar manages specific projects and programmes for the LGMA and local government sector from initiation to completion.

Once the projects are established, they either continue to be managed by the LGMA or are managed by a local authority with ongoing support from the LGMA.

These projects and programmes often consolidate services that would otherwise be carried out by each local authority. They might involve the development of ICT systems or the establishment of new ways to do things.

Some examples of existing projects and programmes we developed are below.


MyPay provides payroll and superannuation to local authorities through a shared ICT system and from a single shared service centre.

Road Management Office

We worked on the establishment of the Road Management Office (RMO), which is designed to develop more efficient and effective management of roadworks across the country. We also work with the RMO on the development, support and maintenance of two key national ICT systems: MapRoad Pavement Management System and MapRoad Roadworks Licensing System (MRL).

The Library Management System

We established a single library management system that enables library members to have access to all public libraries, a national library catalogue and online library services.

The Climate Action Regional Offices

The LGMA was centrally involved in the establishment of four Climate Action Regional Offices (CAROs), which coordinate and support the implementation of national climate policy via the local authorities.

Fix Your Street

We developed a website through which members of the public can report non-emergency problems to their council

Housing ICT

The LGMA supplies ICT solutions to help the local government sector to deliver housing services efficiently and effectively. We are the contract manager for iHouse and HAP systems.


We support and maintains a number of systems used by local authorities in the administration of their planning function, including preplanning consultations, processing of planning applications, enforcements and online planning enquiries.

Non-principal private residence (NPPR)

LGMA provides a bureau service for the collection of the Non-Principal Private Residence (NPPR) charge on behalf of the local authorities.

Have a look at our current projects section to find out about some of what we’re working on now.